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PC: RTR freight cars vs Kits (was: HO C628 coming from Bowser)

        To change the subject a bit, How many of you guys prefer RTR
freight cars over kits? To be honest, the last kits I bought were Gene
Fusco's PRR X58s. Now I'm hooked on RTR cars. I don't know if that makes
me a bad modeler or what. I've been told that real modelers build kits.
"Real men build kits!" 
      I like to run trains. I like to take cars right out the box and
run them. And now that Athearn is starting to weather thier RTR cars,
now I'm really getting lazy. 
       Now Branchline is build more and more RTR cars. Red Caboose is
doing RTR R-70-15 Mechanic Reefers. I can't wait! 
        Getting back to Bowser, their kits sit on the shelfs for years
while Athearn,Red Caboose, InterMountain,Walthers, etc, are going right
out the door. I've been modeling for years but I think I've just about
had it with kits............(unless Gene does Merchants Dispatch Tri
Level auto racks.)


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