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Re: PC: New HO C628 coming from Bowser

 First thing ! Is the Body correct  for a PRR unit?
Are the de mentions correct? Is it just a bad paint job?
 Then What WE need to do is NOT !!! Buy a  "painted unit"
Don't spend the money.
Paint it yourself.
 Short of the SP unit in Red White  Blue . Most every paint job is easy. I mean How hard is a BLACK paint job?
 I used to have to cut the NH out of " Friskit paper" And Paint the stuff my self.
But not any more
At least with New Haven there are decals to use for the C-425 & U 25. try cutting 3 white strips out Painting them then the big NH then all the touch up??
Everybody wants DCC, SOUND !! Join the toy market like the O scale stuff.
 Detail it, Paint it,  YOURSELF And maybe if the stuff doesn't sell they will get the idea.
 Where is the modeling gone to ? "The can" in favor of your latest " Shake the box"
and run it.
 People don't model much anymore. They want the manufacture to do ALL the work so we the end user can complain about it??
 I have a New Haven Friend of mine who sums it up nicely.
Fix the model or SHUT UP.
All manufactures are guilty of messing up But Some listen. Others  well ??  Or ? "I like it so we will sell it."
"Don't tell me how to paint the thing ?? I can guess as well as the best of you !!"
 EVERYBODY  wants the NEW Train !!
Dash this AC that And MILES of Hoppers, Grain cars or Auto Racks.
Very few want to get into the old school of model's
After 50 plus years WE are still trying to  re invent the wheel.
 F-Unit wars !!! Now it is Athearn Vs Walthers
 How long did it take before we got a correct GP-9 or 7
 What did you do before Front Range came out ?Fix it or just Paint it ??
 Which RS-11 is correct ?? Atlas, Life Like, ALCO,  Key , OMI ??
 Believe me the "Green Box" group mess up to. I have 3 OMI SW-1500 drives Nice trucks but the Fuel tank is WAY off. The bottom of the tank is even with the center line on the truck wheel bearing. It should be down near the rail even with the brake slack adjuster. I called Brian at OMI ALL I got was ??? Nobody ever said anything B4 ?? Are You sure ?
So I make my own tanks.
 If the Manufacture can't get it right do it yourself.
Get with your Tech. committee Find the Drawing's of what you need.
Call somebody to make the decals Get a price Have the correct decal made.
A small run could be as little as $50 to $100 for a Run of 50 sets.
Sell the sets make $$$ or don't A Big sheet would be more But you get the idea.
Contact Craig Walker at Microscale. Talk to him see what he would charge to make sets. I mean it is just 2 letters. You do the layout work for him
 Get your ducks in a row first. Size, dementions, Color slant on letters, have him run just sheets of P and C
in White,Red or what ever. set the sheets to cover more than 1 unit if they are not ALL the same size.
 Or make your own .

Delicious ideas to please the pickiest eaters. Watch the video on AOL Living.

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