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Re: PC: New HO C628 coming from Bowser

     Complaining to Bowser is a waste of time. Anyone who has dealt with
this company will know this for sure. Look at their past PRR and Penn
Central (diesel) products. 
     This is the SAME company that said "no one is going to buy a 25 to
30 dollar RTR freight car". Now (years behind everyone else) they want
to do RTR cars. 
      I not excited at all about a C628 from Bowser. What we need to do
is get into the ears of Athearn-Gen, Kato, or Atlas and find out if
there is a Century series in the future from these companies. Stewart
was the last company to do the six axel Centuries in plastic. And
basically that what Bowser is putting out.

   You get what you pay for!!!!!

Dave Hopson

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