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Re: PC: New HO C628 coming from Bowser


   I swear some companies refuse to reach out for outside assistance.
They would rather keep it in house from the beginning to release
trusting their research is correct.. Case in point. How many E8 diesels
have been produced over the years? Hundreds and hundreds of thousands I
would suspect. Most are fairly well done using the technolgy that was
present during their time of production. Yet we see a brand new E8
produced in 2007 by %$^*&^%$#@% and what do we see? Red and White
Keystones on the side instead of the correct red/buff colors and it also
being placed in to wrong postion. The excuse was that the research they
used showed a red and white keystone. I swear they must have used a
black and white photo to come up with that idea. Their exuse used for
the misplacement of the keystone, was that placement varried from unit
to unit. (their keystone was placed bewtween the "S" and "Y" instead of
"Y" and "L". What great research. 

     Yes, I recommend anyone spotting a booboo on any preproduction
samples, kindly contact the manufacturer and let them know. Maybe they
will take action, maybe not. Doesn't hurt to try and help guide them in
the right direction....Gary     

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