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Re: PC: New HO C628 coming from Bowser

> Every  time something new comes out comes out there's always a pick it apart  
> party. 

Not always.   Some manufacturers invest the time & effort to get it right and are 
rewarded for it.


If a manufacturer screws it up, you bet we'll have a lynching.  The point is that there 
is no reason to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on tooling and then apply 
sub-standard artwork.  Especially when the information is out there for the asking 
and the manufacturer is capable of doing better. 

This attitude that the manufacturers should be allowed to "wing it" and then give 
them a pass when they screw up a paint job is just wrong.  Without feedback, we 
will continue to get incorrect models.  If they are willing to do Penn Central equipment, 
those interested must provide the information to help them do it right, and then call 
them on it if they choose to go it alone or ignore the input.

> If you don't like the lettering, buy a bottle of black paint &  a pack of Microscale 
> decals and change the lettering.

This is not an issue for those that can paint & decal and want to.  However, there is a 
large segment of the hobby that "have a life" that prefers properly decorated locos & 
rolling stock.  

Without feedback, a manufacturer can't tell if slow sales of a particular road name 
are due to a lack of interest, or if the modeling community has rejected the execution 
of that particular scheme. Slow sales for a road name can be the kiss of death for 
that road name when the next product release comes around.

Then we will all be back to painting & decaling for everything.

Gene Fusco

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