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PC: PC N4 (MOW)Cabin Car 28001


          Does anyone have any info on Penn Central cabin car 28001?
It's an ex PRR N4 wooden cabin the was painted yellow for MOW trains.
The car had a small "PC" with "Penn Central" under it. The little info I
have on the cabin is the it was painted very early on in 1968 then it
was sold. Wonder how many wooden cabin cars were on PC's roster. Wonder
if the PRRT&HS's Lewistown archives has a complete M.O.W. equipment
register to 1968 and beyond. 
          Looking for any roster shots of this cabin car. Any info is
           ALSO. Did the PRR and NYC M of W equipment keep thier
original numbers or did they change after 1968? Thanks in advance....

Dave Hopson

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