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PC: PC / PRR / NYC / CR items for sale- part 3

Here's part 3 of my sales list:

42.PC Iron Ore Waybill from Ashtabula Harbor to Mingo Jct.-
Neatlittle card in mint unused condition. Shows the consignee as WheelingPitts. Steel Corp. Stuebenville Wks. South Division. Brings back fondmemories of ore drags with those G39s... have 17- $1.50 each, 5 for$5

43.PCStock Certificates:
a 7 different PC stocks (4 Pennsylvania New York CentralTransportation Co. & 3 Penn Central) for $15
b.4 different PC stocks (2 PRRNYCTC & 2 PC) for $10

44.PRR stock certificates
Orangewith either the Horseshoe Curve or the Pennsylvania State Sealvignette. 2 for $5 (1 of each style included).

45.Railroad Police Double-Feature DVD! (Railroad Special Agent &Penn Central's Great Train Robbery).
Two(approx.) 15 minute movies on one DVD. The first is from the late1940s and shows railroad police (called Special Agents or CinderDicks in the movie). PRR police are shown, as well as police fromother railroads. Very interesting black & white footage, showingboth steam & diesel, as well as stations, etc. The 1940s languageis particularly interesting The second movie is in color and was donein 1971 by Penn Central police, using hidden cameras.It documents the problem of freight car looting in the New York Cityarea, showing many instances of breaking into cars & stealingcontent, as well as arrests being made. Clips from this movie can beseen in the Feb. 1972 PC POST employee magazine. This is aneye-opening look at PC that I guarantee you haven't seen before! ThisDVD was transferred from a BETA videotape, which itself was madefrom16mm tapes. As a result, picture quality of the video is fair(grainy), due to the loss in picture each time it was transferred.But the audio is fine & the content is dynamite! $15

46.Penn Central Safety Training movies (on DVD or VHS). ONE LEFT!
Threeshort 16mm movies (about 10-12 minutes each), were produced in(guessing) 1969 by PC. I had them professionally transferred to DVD.First is titled "Walking or Standing on Track"; second is:"Operating Hand Switches" and third "Getting On andOff Equipment". Various "old technology" is shown,such as: hand signals (no radios), footboards on locomotives, highladders on cars, journal boxes, etc. Locomotives shown are GG1s,ALCOs, EMD GP40s, etc. Many NEAT scenes with music and narration.Film was shot entirely in electrified territory. It also includes 2short PSAs from the Green Cross. Condition is reasonably good- thereare scratches in the film and some loss of color (most of it has areddish tint to it). But overall, it's a real treat and a pleasure towatch. About 35 minutes total. I only have a few of these left! Ifyou've been waiting to get one, now is the time. Your choice of DVDor VHS- $20.

47.CR police patch.
Styledafter the Penn Central patch, this has 19 stars and an eagle inyellow, with the Conrail logo in the center (blue & white), allagainst a blue background. Mint condition. $10

48.CR "TRACKS" Kids coloring book.
14pages with text & pictures for the kids to color, all related tosafety. Even has a small board game on the last page. Has the CR name& logo on the back cover. Mint condition. $3

49.CR baseball hat. Blue hat with large Conrail logo in dark yellow.Excellent condition. $3

50."Let Conrail Be Conrail" white with blue lettering &Conrail logo 2.25 inch pinback. Excellent condition. $5

51.Conrail "Keep It Moving With Conrail" square ceramiccoasters. This was an early (late 1970s- early 80's) advertisingslogan used by CR. The slogan appears along with a shrunken versionof a magazine ad that CR was running at the time. Both the ad &slogan are in black on a white background. Mint condition. $8

52.AMTRAK red plastic coat hanger.
Hasthe Amtrak name & logo on a sticker in the middle of the hanger.Some soiling of the sticker, but very good condition overall. $5.

53.Operation Lifesaver pin. Done in the shape of a crossing flasher.Gold tone with red & white crossbucks. MINT- still in wrapper.$2.50

54.PRR mug
Madeby Whistlestop Mugs. Medium-sized red PRR keystone with black 3-Dshadow. Mint condition. $4

55.PC mug
Fancywhite base with black panel with pinstripes on border. Within blackpanel is large PC logo with P in white & C in red. Has PENNCENTRAL on the handle in black and the number 3159 inside. Very nicepiece and well made. Mfr by The American Rails MLD Group. Near mint.$7

56.Rails Northeast- Begun in January, 1976 by Bob Reid as the successorto PC Railroader. Most could use a week-long bath in cat littler toremove a mild musty smell. Good condition otherwise unless noted.Issues are $5 each.
a.July 77-Hot box on the Nat'l Ltd.. Lincoln Tower, Sayre- teh lastday. LIRR ALCO C420s, unit train symbols, more
bNov. 77- NYC Gateway Yard, a day on the Ma & Pa RR, Jacks Runinterlocking, PRR Shark painting diagrams, much more.
c.March 78- PC Merger study Part 2- great info about what would beconsolidated where (shops, yards, etc). Shell tower, etc. Greatissue!
d.May '78- PRR coal equipment, profile of PRR & CR NY-Chicago MainLine, CR Freight schedules, Chessie loco fleet, etc.
e.July 78- PRR/B&O Ice Breaker cars. Conemaugh CTC, PRR coalequipment, CR Freight schedules, PRR lunch counter cars, etc.
f.May '79- Cincinnati's Cheviot Hill, PRR Bald Eagle Branch CTC, CR &Chessie Frt. Schedules, etc.
g.Nov 79-York PA interlocking, PRR war projects, PRR X40 Merchandisestencil drawings, CR's Southwest Division, more...
h.Nov. '83- Front cover got wet at the top center & a few pages inthe beginning are mildly damaged as a result. Long article called"Second Trick At Thorn" about the PC/ PRR tower atThorndale PA. is a GREAT article if you LOVE train operations andtowers. Written by a Block Op during the PC era. Great issue! $4

57.CR. Elkhart Indiana Yard visitor's guide.
Glossypaper- 9 pages, lots of photos. Nice piece in mint condition. $4

58.CR Lucknow PA rail cropping plant visitors booklet
Blue 6page stiff glossy paper booklet on the plant at Harrisburg PA whererail is welded. No date on this, but it looks like late 1970s. $5

59PRR stick-on name tags & small decals.
Nametag is in the shape of a PRR keystone with a wide bar through themiddle (shaped like a station sign). Back peels off, exposingadhesive. Also, a small PRR moisten-adhesive sticker. You will getone name tag & 2 of the small ones- $2 for 3 pieces.

60."Potluck PC" You'll get at least 15 different PC forms andenvelopes of all shapes and sizes. Nice variety of whatever I canfind to throw in. $9

61.Pads of unused PC forms: $3 each
a.PC report of Cars on Passenger Trains Form CT220 3/69
b.Original Record Of Repair Form AD1926 9/70

62.PC Air Brake training slides.
2complete Kodak Carousel trays full of slides that were done in 1973for classroom training of Air Brakes. Some are interesting, showingmen on the ground giving hand signals and photos of some equipment.Others show closeups of EMD control stands and other gages, etc. inthe locomotive. Many (not so interesting) show closeups of brakerigging, etc and pages in workbooks. Clearly this was classroominstructor-led material. Both trays of slides (about 200 total)- $25

63.PRR book
APictorial Review of Progress booklet from March 1953. About 20 pages-shows Sam Rea, Conway Yard, Pittsburgh Station improvements, 30th St.Station, "modern" track machinery, Trainphone, more.Stapled binding shows some wear, but good otherwise. $15

64.Chicago Terminal Maps and Signal charts from the 1990s.
MANYrailroads- every one as a matter of fact- Amtrak, BN, UP, WC, CNW,IHB, SOO, NS, CSX, etc. has their trackage and signals in here.Unbelievable detail & great reference. Over 1 inch thick-hundreds of pages. These are punched for insertion into a notebook.Like new condition. $18

65.Amtrak police lot
You'regetting an Amtrak Police Trick or Treat bag, plus other interestingAMTK police paper. $5

66.America's Colorful Railroads hardcover book by famed author Don Ball,Jr.
Excellentcolor photos in this 210 page hardcover book published in 1979! Manyrailroads shown, both steam & diesel. Very Good cond. $17.50

67.Railroads- An American Journey- also by Don Ball Jr.
Excellentblack & white photos in this 288-page hardbound book. Covers bothsteam and diesel. Very good cond. $12.50

68.Railroads- Then & Now- a World History
Over625 illustrations in just over 200 pages. From 1975, very interestinghardbound book in very nice condition. $10


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