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PC: PC / PRR / NYC / CR items for sale- part 1

Here'smy latest offering of Penn Central, PRR, NYC, NH, Conrail and Amtrakitems. Prices do not include shipping. Hopefully there's somethinggood here for your collection!
Gary Farmer

1.PC "To Station" sign from Altoona.
Rectangular7.5 X 32 inch sign made of fiberboard (masonite-type material). Signis neatly hand-painted with a PC green background and white letteringand edge border. This was found in the baggage room of the Altoonastation by a Conrail track gang supervisor. I am guessing that thiswas made for use with the infamous "temporary station"(trailer) at Altoona & then was retired when the new station wasdone, but it's a guess. Good condition with some minor paint loss atvarious places as well as on the white border (some green showingthrough at border). $95

2.PC sign
Nearlysquare 14.5 x 16 inch masonite sign has a white background and the PClogo in bluish- green and the PC name in black underneath. Has 4small tack holes- 1 at each corner. Don't know anything about thispiece except that it's nice to look at & been in my collectionfor about 20 years. May have been used in a office or shop? $45

3.PC metal First Aid kit- ex PRR style
Approx.10inch square metal box is painted white with green lettering. This isthe large style kit used in shops, offices, etc. and is very hard tofind. Lid reads- (all in green): FIRST AID KIT (large PC logo)Property of PENN CENTRAL TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. Most of the contents(at least 80 percent) are still inside. There is some scuffing on thelettering and some paint loss & small amount of rust around theedges, but it's over 90 percent OK. $69

4.New York Central 8 OZ. silver single serving coffeepot (or creamer?)
Verynice piece with great clean styling and "NYC" embossed inthe lid handle in large letters. Bottom marked for InternationalSilver. Excellent condition- light wear and light tarnish. Date codeof 1946 on the bottom. $65

5.New York Central 8 OZ. hinged lid sugar bowl
Verynice piece with great clean style lines and "NYC" embossedin the lid handle in large letters. Bottom marked InternationalSilver. Excellent condition- light wear and tarnish. Date code of1948 on the bottom. $65

6.New York Central silver butter pat.
Verynice piece 3.25 inches in diameter with great clean style lines and"New York Central System" logo and "Quality RailroadService" in the middle. Bottom marked International Silver.Excellent condition- light wear and no tarnish. No date code, butfrom the same pattern as the previous 2 pieces. $42.50

7PC "matchbook" First Aid kit.
PCname & log in black on the cover. Has safety slogan & "NewHaven Region Mechanical Dept." on the back. Minor wear on theback. Good otherwise. $6

8,New Haven RR matchbook
Greenbook with New Haven Railroad name & logo on the front & back.Inside is a slogan Strike it Right- Ship and Travel New Haven. Inaddition someone wrote inside (neatly) a date of 1968. All matchesintact. Mint condition. $6

9.PC Equipment ID tag.
Ovalcast metal tag has holes at both ends for mounting to whatever (trackequipment, boiler, engine, etc.) Has PENN CENTRAL raised in a castarch across the top. Has a raised panel in the middle where a serialnumber is stamped. Near mint condition. $8

10.PC passenger service employee lapel pins:
Castin the shape of a PC logo with a bronze finish, these are one of thenicest-looking PC items ever produced (in my humble opinion).Excellent condition. $10 a pair.

11.PC "Tour" button.
Smallround green pinback button with the PC name & logo and the word"TOUR" in white. $5

12.PC Athletic Club membership card.
Niceyellow wallet card in mint condition. $2.50

13.PC silverware- done in Broadway pattern (following PRR practice).Made by International Silver. Marked on top with the PC logo. Trulyone of the classiest pieces ever done for PC. $22 each, $40 for both.
a.dinner fork

14.PC stainless steel water can
Niceshiny can measures about 11 inches high at the top of the handle forthe pull-out wide mouth lid. Has a short 3/4 inch spout on the top &handle / bail opposite. PC logo is raised on the side in the middle.This is a very common can normally, but this can was modified and apush button metal spout was professionally added by the railroad atthe bottom (like a standard drink cooler). Probably used by an MOWgang or somebody as a drink cooler on the job site. You could usethis at a family or RRder's picnic. One of a kind piece. $35

15.PC EMD SD40 Builder's plate-
Serialnumber 36922, PC # 6266 dated 10-70. Rectangular 5x15 inch stainlesssteel plate with "Electro-Motive Division LaGrange Illinois",etc. in silver against a black background & the letters "GM"against a blue background. Good condition, some loss of black paint(10 percent), blue is good with some minor loss. All bolt holes areintact. $49

16.PC / PRR Territorial Jurisdiction Directory
Everyfreight station in the US & Canada is listed alphabetically bystate, along with the regional sales office on the PC system to whichthat freight station is assigned. This is the earliest PC book I'veseen, having an issue data of February 15, 1968. It's so new (PCwise) that it still has a red PRR cover because the PC covers hadn'tbeen made yet! 8.5 x 11 hundreds of pages in great condition. Greatpiece for research and a rare book to find. $22.50

17.PC "Pinochle" playing cards.
Singledeck of black cards with white / orange PC logo & PENN CENTRAL inwhite. Green felt box with white PC name & logo embossed on thelid. Cards still wrapped in cellophane but box is not. I was toldthat PC adopted this color scheme for these cards to celebrate thestart of Metroliner service? Not able to confirm that as fact, but itsounds plausible. $20

18.PC Double Deck of playing cards
Green& white, white & green PC name & logo on cards. Infelt-lid box with white PC name & logo. Box wrapped in it'soriginal cellophane. Mint condition. $17.50

19.PRR "Pinochle" Playing cards.
Singledeck of RED cards with red & gold PRR keystone in the middle. Redfelt box lid with the PRR keystone & the wording "PENNSYLVANIA:RAILROAD: Pinochle" in gold. Still in the original cellophanewrap. MINT condition. $15

20.PRR "Pinochle" Playing cards.
Singledeck of WHITE cards with red & gold PRR keystone in the middle.Red felt box lid with the PRR keystone & the wording"PENNSYLVANIA: RAILROAD: Pinochle" in gold. Still in theoriginal cellophane wrap. MINT condition. $15

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