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Re: PC: RE: Books of Interest-Republic Steel

      Regarding 0-6-0 Steam at republic steel,  The Monticello Railway 
Museum at Monticello, Ill.  has an  0-6-0 number 191 built by Alco that 
they purchased in the very early 1970's.  The museum was told that it 
was from Republic Steel at Youngstown, Ohio.

       The museum purchased it from J. David Conrad (then of Chicago, 
Il.) who had purchased it from  "Duffy and Sons"  a company located at 
Columbus, Ohio. - a re-builder and re-seller of used diesel-electric 
locomotives.  Mr. Duffy had purchased three or four of these 
locomotives;  and scrapped one on the spot to pay for moving the others 
to his facility in Columbus.

       Mr Duffy  had an idea to start an excursion / tourist line with 
them, but later changed his mind and sold #191 to Mr. Conrad, which Mr. 
Conrad then resold to the Monticello Railway Museum. ( At that time the 
museum was known as the Monticello and Sangamon Valley Railway Museum.)  
Mr. Conrad said at that time that this sale to the museum was to pay for 
purchasing a sister locomotive. 

        When the Monticello Ry Museum was at Columbus to prepare the 
locomotive for being moved, there was also a sister locomotive there 
which had had many parts already removed from it and we were told that 
Mr. Conrad  had purchased those parts as spares, and that the museum 
could do the same for other items that they may want; and the museum 
proceeded to do so.  To the best that I can remember, the locomotives at 
Columbus were numbered; 190; 191; and 192. 

       Do you think that this book on Republic Steel would be a good one 
to have th reference the history of these locomotives as well as the 
company?, and if so where does one get a copy and what is the cost?

Gary Mittner wrote:
> Hi Dave,
>     Thanks for looking. The loco I was asking about was built by ALCo in
> Jan 1947 (the last steam switcher built by ALCo for domestic use in the
> US) It was the last of a small order of 0-6-0's built for the Aliquippa
> & Southern RR here in the Pgh area. It was sold to Republic Steel and
> transfered to the Youngstown/Warren area. It was scrapped in 1960. I
> have the number plate from it. 
> http://prrmodels.com/alco1.JPG
> I have seen a photo of it while in service on the A&S but was thinking
> there may have been a photo of it in the book you spoke of. Thanks
> again, Gary

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