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PC: _A Sampling of Penn Central_ Google Earth Project


While eating dinner last night, I was fooling around with Google Earth, 
using it to try to find places that were pictured in Jerry Taylor's 
masterful book, _A Sampling of Penn Central_. As time went on, it became 
an obsession, and I ended up going through the entire book finding the 
photograph locations in Google Earth.

I decided to share the results of my gratuitous waste of an evening and 
morning with all of you by posting them on my web site:


On this page, you can download a file called "sampling.kmz". Save the 
file to your computer and load it into Google Earth. It will give you a 
folder with placemarks for all of the pictures I could locate in the 
book, starting with Morgan Run, OH, on page 9 and ending in Rising, IL, 
on page 423. Due to the varying resolution of Google Earth's imagery, 
not all locations could be pinpointed. Also, some of the pictures were 
taken in nondescript locales that I could not locate either. Details 
about Google Earth can be found at:


If you find any mistakes, please let me know and I'll update the file. 


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