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PC: PCRRHS at West Springfield and X29 cars

A reminder that the PCRRHS will again have a table at the West Springfield show next weekend. We'll be in the Mallary Complex, which is the fourth building added this year. Again we'll be adjacent to our NE Prototype Modeler and Chessie HS friends, Speedwitch (Ted Culotta), and now also Rail Yard Models coming in from Colorado.

It looks like the delivery of the X29 MOW cars will miss this show by about two weeks.  There are only FOUR of the PC cars remaining, so if you wanted one don't wait much longer. We'll be taking orders for the PRR and undec cars (and PC if any are still left), and have a selection of back issues, calendars, Scalecoat PC Green paint (save a lot on shipping costs), and a few of the decal sets.


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