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Re: PC: PC on the NYSW

Here's what I've dug up so far. This comes from someone in NJ Transit.

< I recall a wreck on the West Shore but I think it was prior to PC. NYC
< did detour over NYS&W to Passaic Jct. where they got on the Bergen
< County.
< Train continued to MQ and then up the Montgomery Branch and Wallkill
< Valley back to WS track. I saw the train entering the Erie at Passaic
< Jct. Wreck was caused by a Flexi-Van container becoming loose and
< swinging from side to side and finally somehow causing the wreck.

< Do not recall John Treen telling me anything about other detour moves.
< Considering condition of Susquehanna track at the time, I don't see how
< the PC could have been worse.

< As you probably know, Erie did operate over NYS&W from Passaic Jct.
< into WS with coal trains. Crew would then caboose hop to Croxton via
< Granton Jct. and Northern Branch. Reverse move was made to p.u. mtys
< and head west.

< Check this out with Rich Taylor, I think he and Berisso and I were
< together to follow that NYC (PC?) detour.>

Mark Branibar

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I received the following question from a visitor to my web site. I
wasn't aware that this happened. Anyone know the answer?

> For several weeks during the early 1970s Penn Central trains had
> operated over the NYS&W, from Passaic Junction (connection with EL)
> to either North Bergen or Jersey City, NJ. What was the reason for
> this detour? When did this occur?


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