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PC: X29 MOW cars PCRRHS exclusive offer

Hello PC and PRR fans and modelers,

The PCRRHS is taking orders for an exclusive run of HO scale Red Caboose X29 MOW boxcars in camp car yellow. These will be available in 2 PC numbers, 2 PRR numbers, and painted but unlettered. The cars will be assembled (RTR) with plate ends and patch panels, and include the grabs and end markers that were found in cars formerly in express and mail service. The entire run will be only 300 units with a price of $31.95 each. PCRRHS Model Committee members did the research for this project.

PCRRHS members had advance notice as an order form was included with the last POST. A link to the order form and more information on the cars can now be found on the PCRRHS homepage, www.PCRRHS.org. More than half of the PC units are now sold, so please indicate if an alternative is acceptable. Payment on unfilled orders will be promptly returned. Please print out and use the order form if you can as it makes everything easier on our end.

We had hoped to have these available for the West Springfield show, but delivery is now expected either during that week or the first week of February. Thank you.

Jim Homoki
For the PCRRHS

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