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Re: PC: Re: [PCModeler] Re: Speaking of Red P units...(big $$$ 4 a slide)

In a message dated 1/1/2008 2:17:43 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, zootowerprr -AT- webtv.net writes:
Is buying a slide for 80 bucks any different than buy a
Athearn-Gen F7 and completly taking it apart to change out the grills
and repainting it because the "red P is too red" or the "black is too
black", or this ain't right, or this is too right!???? 
Well yes it is different. Not right or wrong but different.
I would LOVE tosee some of you guys PERFECT layouts. Or doing you have time to build a
perfect layout?
Actually yesterday I posted a shot of the progress of my layout in my basement to the Files section.  It still does have some work to do though......!
Or are you spending time posting..."Hey guys, look at
the new PC diesel I just built! It has real employees in the cab. WOW!"
Now that's just silly.

     Why don't you guys who just can't wait to point out everything
wrong with Athearn-Gen, Atlas,Bowser,Overland,EMD, etc,etc, show up to a
PCRRHS convention and bring your models and let some real PC employees
look over your models. Well??????
I have brought my models to a PCRRHS convention plus RPM meets for all to see.  I also think that posting models to the PCModelers group exposes the models to a much wider audience than the PCRRHS attendees. 
It is one thing to nitpick but another thing to point out some problems AND show how to fix them. 
While I still think Athearn did a pretty good job with the Penn Central F-units I am replacing the Genesis shell with a Highliner shell.  Why?  Well one reason is that I already have a couple of Penn Central F-units (Highliner shells on recycled Stewart mechanisms) and I guess I was more careful in the construction of the Highliner shell than the Chinese assembly line people were.  I am more pleased with my own constructed models than the RTR version and what's wrong with that?
-Tom Haag.
p.s. - Bob that's a great looking model and hope to see more from you.  I have always enjoyed you Southern, NW, and NS modeling!!


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