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Re: PC: Re: [PCModeler] Re: Speaking of Red P units...(big $$$ 4 a slide)

I also meant to say the way some individuals are, their models are supposedly more perfect than the big iron.
Model rails aren't the only guilty ones at this. I've seen it across the aircraft and armor communities too.

zootowerprr -AT- webtv.net wrote:

Is buying a slide for 80 bucks any different than buy a
Athearn-Gen F7 and completly taking it apart to change out the grills
and repainting it because the "red P is too red" or the "black is too
black", or this ain't right, or this is too right!???? I would LOVE to
see some of you guys PERFECT layouts. Or doing you have time to build a
perfect layout? Or are you spending time posting..."Hey guys, look at
the new PC diesel I just built! It has real employees in the cab. WOW!"
Why don't you guys who just can't wait to point out everything
wrong with Athearn-Gen, Atlas,Bowser,Overland,EMD, etc,etc, show up to a
PCRRHS convention and bring your models and let some real PC employees
look over your models. Well??????

Dave Hopson

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