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Re: PC: Re: [PCModeler] Re: Speaking of Red P units...(big $$$ 4 a slide)

I see I drank the champagne too early. Dave, what you have said deserves that kind of ovation.

zootowerprr -AT- webtv.net wrote:

Is buying a slide for 80 bucks any different than buy a
Athearn-Gen F7 and completly taking it apart to change out the grills
and repainting it because the "red P is too red" or the "black is too
black", or this ain't right, or this is too right!???? I would LOVE to
see some of you guys PERFECT layouts. Or doing you have time to build a
perfect layout? Or are you spending time posting..."Hey guys, look at
the new PC diesel I just built! It has real employees in the cab. WOW!"
Why don't you guys who just can't wait to point out everything
wrong with Athearn-Gen, Atlas,Bowser,Overland,EMD, etc,etc, show up to a
PCRRHS convention and bring your models and let some real PC employees
look over your models. Well??????

Dave Hopson

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