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Re: PC: PCRRHS Calendar

Haagtk -AT- aol.com wrote:

> Well it would be nice if the PCRRHS would mention this to its members.  
> I am in the PCRRHS and I did not know that this was the "official" 
>  PCRRHS calendar. 

There will be a flyer for the calendar in the next issue of the PCRRHS 
POST (which should be coming out in the next week or so), and it will 
also be available for purchase from the PCRRHS web site in a couple of 
days. Annoucements will be made here and on the other PC-related lists 
as well. Our calendar publisher had some production issues and it took 
him a little longer to get them to us, but I assure you they will be 
worth the wait.

Also, for PCRRHS members: you will be able to buy the calendar cheaper 
through the PCRRHS.


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