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PC: RE: Penn Central Digest V7 #30

Chris and @ GUYS
            That would be a good option also there are lots of
connections the top part of the state to the middle and even southern
part. There are museum options and other rail groups plus the railroads
themselves. I just want to do it right and properly so it could be done
every 4-5 years out this way.
Don Bryan
Rockville In.
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Penn Central Digest    Thursday, September 27 2007    Volume 07 : Number

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     PC: RE: Convention in Indiana


Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2007 23:34:17 -0000
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Subject: PC: RE: Convention in Indiana

Count me in as interested in having the PCRRHS have its convention
here in Indiana.  I suggest as alternate locations Elkhart or even
Fort Wayne, site of PRR Piqua yard on the Pittsburgh to Chicago
mainline.  No matter where you have it, as long as it was held in
Indiana, you can bet I would attend it.
Chris Howe
New Haven,IN


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