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PC: RE: Important PC Convention Notice

As a follow-up to Dave's message, I'd like to remind everyone that
hard-soled shoes and long pants are required for the Amtrak tours.
Sneaker and shorts will not cut it. This is not a suggestion by Amtrak,
but a requirement. Anyone who does not comply with the requirement will
not be able to go on the tour. Please plan accordingly.

Also, convention name tags must be worn at all convention activities and
meetings. If you lose your tag, it can be replaced. Please comply with
this request so that we may ensure that everyone at the convention
belongs there.

Have a safe trip everyone.

Dave Owens 

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Greetings all...

       Those attending the Penn Central Convention in King of Prussia
this coming weekend please take note. 

      If you are driving via the PA Turnpike from the east or west; when
you exit the Turnpike at Exit 326 you must get to the right side of the
toll plaza. Or in other words, get in the last toll booth to the right.
Exit 327 (North Gulph Rd.) is less than 150ft the the last toll booth on
the right. If you are in the center of the toll plaza you will never get
to the exit! If that happens you'll have to go to the 202 North exit
(towards the King of Prussia Mall) and make u-turn to get back to N.
Gulph Rd. It's not easy.
     So just remember to stay to the right at the toll plaza and exit
326 is right there. Hope to see you there. And PLEASE drive carefully.

Dave Hopson

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