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Re: PC: Penn Central 86 foot boxcars

In a message dated 9/7/2007 11:23:10 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, penn_central -AT- hotmail.com writes:
I really do not have any good photo's of the PC 86 foot greenville boxes.
are the roofs green or silver?
When built these Greenville and other high cube boxcars were delivered with unpainted silver roofs.  From the photos that I have seen (mainly of Pullman built cars) the roofs remained unpainted when these cars were repainted for PC.  However the neatness of the job seemed to vary and some of the roofs did have a lot of green overspray on the edges of the roofs. 
If I was painting one and I did not have a photograph of the exact car that I was modeling I would paint the roof silver and then add green overspray to the roof when I paint the rest of the car.  Since the roof did not receive much preparation (if any) before the car was painted this overspray did not last real long....so the older the paint job the less overspray would be visible.
-Tom Haag

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