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PC: NYC Metro Area Penn Central Today


I just returned from a trip to the NY metropolitan area and wanted to
share a few interesting (to me) observations concerning former PC
properties I remember growing up.  If you don't care, stop reading

Croton North (Harmon)--All derelict equipment long stored in the north
yard (former NYC/PC coaches, FL9s, derelict MOW equipment, SPV2000s)
has been sold/cut up on site.  Very, very little left of the former MU
yard.  As for the freight yard on the west side of the tracks,
moderate activity but nothing like when the GM plant at Tarrytown was
in business (since closed and dismantled).  Trash containers have
replaced auto parts boxes as the dominant freight car in the yard.

Happier days (passenger yard on right, freight yard on left):
BTW, those are 1950 SLC MUs stored because of the delivery of the
Metropolitan M1s.  Too bad, they look they still have some miles in
them.  Here is a closeup

Harmon Shop--On the endangered list.  News accounts say the shop will
be around one or two more years before being replaced by a more modern
facility.  Get your pics of the old building soon.
Happier days http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.php?id=100052&nseq=41

Putnam Division "BN" Yard in the Bronx--Metro North has turned this
area into a MOW staging yard.  Unfortunately, the tracks head off into
the weeds about a mile north of the junction.  Even the tracks by the
Stella Doro plant--the last customer to see regular service--are
buried in weeds and trash.

Putnam Division Sedgwick Avenue Yard--Amazingly, Metro North has
reinstalled tracks up the ramp to what was the end of track for the
Put.  Concrete tie cars are staged for unloading.  MN drops track
supplies at the former Put service area right next to the Major

Wash rack--MN is installing a high tech wash rack south of their new
and very large service area at High Bridge across from the Sedgwick
Ave. station of the Put.  The NYC era wash rack was between the
tracks.  The new one will be to the west of the tracks on the lead to
the shop.  This facility has in effect replaced Mott Haven.

MO Tower, Mott Haven--Boarded up, probably scheduled for demolition.
Mott Haven Yard is all but abandoned.  The wye track between the
Harlem and Hudson lines sees a fair amount of use but otherwise, there
is little railroad activity left.

For a short stretch between Yankee Stadium and the Put's High Bridge
Yard MN has reinstalled the forth track (removed by Penn Central) to
facilitate movements to and from the shop.  Between Yankee Stadium and
MO, MN abandoned one track so allow for a realignment of the MO
interlocking plant.  Also, the very large warehouse on the south side
of the tracks at Yankee Stadium has been demolished and is being
replaced by a high rise.  Up to the late 70s, this facility received
produce shipments by rail.

Bob Holzweiss

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