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Re: PC: E7 4021

PC E7 4021 happens to be one of the few E7s that received a full PC paint
job. It was retired on 11/19/73 so it was probably out of service for at
least 6 months prior. I don't know if it ever had the maintenance base
underneath the number.

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 I've finally gotten to the point where I am lettering the Marx E7.  Go
ahead, laugh.  Fun is where you find it.
 I realise that 4021 probably never got a full Penn Central paint job so
my second question concerns PC E7s in general.  What was the name of the
maintenance base for number 4021?  What are the words at the bottom of
the carbody just above the fuel tank?  I suspect they are "FUEL" and
"WATER" but which goes where?
 John W.

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