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PC: RE: Delphos/Elida, OH, caboose

Hi –


Two items for business:


Does anyone have any records of the running of the New Jersey Division and Penn Station?  Anyone a dispatcher/ block operator of the lines now or in the past?  (I am currently a dispatcher and am interested in the history of how the New Jersey and New York Divisions may have functioned in the past).


Does anyone have dated (any years) interlocking diagrams of the physical characteristics of what we call today the Northeast Corridor?


Many thanks!


Greg Godfrey




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Does anyone know the number of the steel, transfer, PC/CR caboose used as a shop along Rt. 309, Delphos/Elida, Ohio?


Thanks, Roger 

Roger Kirkpatrick, 109 S. Madison St., Cortez, CO 81321, 970-564-0374

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