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Re: PC: PRR to PC caboose #s

Hi Mark,

As you know, some railroads were lax in their attention to records regarding 
non revenue rolloing stock such as cabooses.  As best I know, it appears 
that 17 of the cabooses in the PC 23263 - 23282 series became ICG 199100 - 
199116 and that PC 23264, 23266, & 23268 may not have gone to ICG or, if 
they did, were never repainted or renumbered to ICG.

If it's not a problem for you, could I have the PRR numbers for PC 23275 - 

I have PC 23280 as ex-PRR 478054, PC 23281 as ex-PRR 478059, & PC 23282 as 
ex-PRR 478071.  Correct?

At least 4 of these exist today: ICG 199102 - Tamms, IL, Depot; ICG 199106 - 
Gluckstadt, MS, IC Depot; ICG 199108 - was along Cedar St., Rockford, IL, 
but is now listed as "gone to?"; & ICG 199116 - Martin, TN, Virginia Weldon 
Park.  Are you aware of any others?

Thanks, Roger
Roger Kirkpatrick, 109 S. Madison St., Cortez, CO 81321, 970-564-0374 

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