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Re: PC: PRR to PC caboose #s


Here's your info.

PC 23267 is ex PRR 478114, PC 23268 is ex PRR 478192, PC 23269 is ex PRR
478154, PC 23270 is ex PRR 478184, PC 23271 is ex PRR 478040, PC 23272 is
ex PRR 478048, PC 23273 is ex PRR 478024 and PC 23274 is ex PRR 478116

All were sold by Chemical Bank in January 1974. I'm assuming these are part
of the group that ended up on the IC.

Mark Branibar
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Is there a listing posted anywhere that shows the PRR # to PC # for

I'm trying to determine which PRR cabooses became PC 23267 - 23274.

Thanks, Roger
Roger Kirkpatrick, 109 S. Madison St., Cortez, CO 81321, 970-564-0374

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