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Re: PC: PC F-7A 1878 assignment.

The maintenance bases for PC F units were Collinwood, Stanley and New
Haven. The 1878 (and 1879) remained based at Collinwood up to and in to

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Dale DeVene wrote:

> I am decaling F-7A 1878 for my nephew as a display model. I would like
> to get the assignment location under the number correct.  I am using the
> photo on Fallen Flags taken 2/2/1975 in Youngstown, Ohio.  It appears
> the assignment location is "Collinwood", but I can't positively ID it as
> it blurs when enlarged.  If anyone can confirm the location I would
> greatly appreciate it!

According to the PC Bi-Annual, Collinwood was the maintenance base for
the 1878 as of June 1, 1973. Assuming it wasn't changed within a year
and a half, your interpretation of that photo is probably correct.


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