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Re: PC: New Penn Central Titles?

Hi Robert,

        I have all of the books you have listed. "Trackside around the
BIg Apple" has some great PC photos. "Trackside around New Jersey" had a
bunch of PC photos. The "NY Harbor" books are great but little PC
coverage. Mostly PRR,NYC,B&O,Erie...pre merger photos from 1950 to
1960s. But worth having!
      Trackside around Buffalo and Youngstown both have PC photos. The
Youngstown book has both Penn Central and P&LE. 
       Might want to check out "Trackside around Cleveland". Great book.
        All Morning Sun Books are sealed. Most folks will thumb through
a book and greasey fingers can mess up the cover and the pages. Then no
one will buy the book. Some stores do have a "store copy" opened. Hope
This Helps.....

Dave Hopson

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