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PC: New Penn Central Titles?


O.K., the title of this email is a bit misleading.  It should say
titles with possible Penn Central content.  Has anyone purchased any
of the following books and if so, do you care to comment on the Penn
Central content.  Please note, I have not thumbed through the books
myself, I spotted them shrink wrapped at a book seller's table at a
recent convention I attended.  Any information would be appreciated.
If a book has some great non-PC coverage from the same era (68-76),
that might be worth a purchase too.

Morning Sun titles:
Trackside Around the Big Apple, 1964-1973 (with Al Roberts)
New York Harbor Railroads in Color Vol. 1 (with Thomas Flagg)
New York Harbor Railroads in Color Vol. 2 (with Thomas Flagg)
Trackside New Jersey, 1968-1983 (with Bob Yanosey)
Trackside Buffalo, 1953-1976 (with Ray Richards)
Trackside Youngstown, 1962-1982 (with Dave McKay)
Trackside New York City, 1953-1968 (with Bob Malinoski)

Sunrise Chapter, NRHS:
New York Connecting Railroad, Long Island's Other Railroad (Sturm and Thorn)

Thanks in advance
Bob Holzweiss

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