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PC: NEC Plaque Dedication June 14, 2007

From Al Buchan, PRRT&HS President:

As some of you are aware, the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical &
Historical Society has arranged for the placement of a bronze plaque at
the Princeton Junction, NJ station (eastward inbound waiting room), to
commemorate the
beginning of high speed rail transportation in North America. This
message is to invite you to attend the unveiling will take place at 1:30
PM on Thursday, June 14, 2007, a little more than 40 years after the
first record speed was set. The plaque will not only recognize the
technical achievements of the program, but also those individuals whose
work and dedication  made it happen. 

Three speed records for rail passenger equipment were established at
Princeton Junction in the late 1960s by the four US Department of
Transportation Test Cars, a United Aircraft Corporation TurboTrain, and
all of the original Budd built Westinghouse Electric and General
Electric Metroliner cars as they operated on the test track between New
Brunswick and Trenton, NJ.

Employees of many organizations played significant roles in achieving
these milestones in rail transportation history as well as by supporting
and reporting them with technical articles and papers. 

The organizations that have contributed towards making this plaque
possible are, The Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society,
the Penn Central Railroad Historical Society, Bombardier (representing Budd,
Westinghouse and Pullman Standard), LTK Engineering Services, and NJ
Jim Homoki

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