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Thanks very much for the information.  I will look into it and most likely join.  Thanks for keeping the information available and preserved!!!


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The POST is for members of the PCRRHS - it comes with membership 4 times a year - the last few issues have been 32 pages
It has a color cover, inside and out, and the rest is B&W

many back issues are available, some have sold out

All the information may be found at http://www.pcrrhs.org

A good group of guys running it - even if I say so myself

Jim Hebner

Greg JM Godfrey wrote:

Hi Jim -- is this a subscription item?  I may be interested, what are the
details?? Thanks! Greg
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Subject: PC: 2008 PCRRHS POST
Hey Guys  - The first issue of the 2008 PCRRHS POST, out later than I 
wanted, went in the mail Saturday morning .
Jim Hebner


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