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Re: PC: New HO scale cars from Walthers

In a message dated 4/26/2007 9:22:36 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, jer -AT- smellycat.com writes:
First, Walthers is releasing their Proto 1000 3-bay 100-ton hopper in a
number of paint schemes, including PRR, NYC, and PC:


I'm assuming the NYC scheme is bogus, as I wasn't aware of any 100-ton
NYC hopper cars that existed. More importantly, is anyone familiar
enough with this particular model to know if it is legit as a PRR/PC
H43? They're offering them as singles and two-packs, and they retail for
$10 each, which is quite reasonable. The PC version is coming with the
2-panel worm emblem that was found on the early repaints.
They "new" cars are simply rehashes of those old Life-Like train set cars from the early 1980's.  While Walthers will probably have a much better paint job than those old cars (unless you liked those old Popsicle painted cars) they do not appear to have any detail upgrades at all...and the hopper car had some pretty heavy details.  In the pre-Bowser era I did have a number of these Life-Like hoppers that were painstakingly redetailed. .
The hopper car is legit for a PC/PRR H43 but so is the Bowser 100 ton car and the Bowser car has much better detailing and underbody.

The other car of interest is the Evans 50' high-roof boxcar, better
known to PC fans as the X72A:
Yes.....to bad Athearn did not buy out Life-Like......wouldn't it be great to have a retooled X72 boxcar!
-Tom Haag

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