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PC: New HO scale cars from Walthers

Hi guys,

Yesterday I got in the mail a copy of the Walthers "2007-08 Buyer's 
Guide #1" that listed some new HO releases that I hadn't seen before.

First, Walthers is releasing their Proto 1000 3-bay 100-ton hopper in a 
number of paint schemes, including PRR, NYC, and PC:


I'm assuming the NYC scheme is bogus, as I wasn't aware of any 100-ton 
NYC hopper cars that existed. More importantly, is anyone familiar 
enough with this particular model to know if it is legit as a PRR/PC 
H43? They're offering them as singles and two-packs, and they retail for 
$10 each, which is quite reasonable. The PC version is coming with the 
2-panel worm emblem that was found on the early repaints.

The other car of interest is the Evans 50' high-roof boxcar, better 
known to PC fans as the X72A:


They're also making Conrail green and brown versions as well.


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