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PC: PC Columbia City Secondary

Toby, I went looking at my Penn Central station record of movements from 
Mike Tower and I found a train listed as the Vandale turn with the PC 8134 
as its power, making it a GP38-2, but thats from 1973.  Based on what I've 
seen on those sheets, I'd say the switcher you're looking for is a NW2.  The 
engine number I've seen listed the most is 8652.  Unfortunately, I can't 
help you a whole lot with paint scheme's.  I have a slide in my collection 
that I bought that shows PC NW2 8673 in Ft. Wayne from 1968 in the full PC 
paint scheme(white worm and name on the side).  There's a photo on Jerry 
Jordak's Penn Central website showing a switcher in Ft. Wayne with yellow 
PRR numbers and a PC worm logo, but no name on the side IIRC.  You can also 
check for photos on the fallen flags website as well.  I wish you luck on 
your modeling project.
New Haven, IN
> I am looking for information on the locomotive(s) assigned to work the
> Columbia City Secondary during 1974.  As memory serves me, it was a
> Twin-stacked EMD switcher (NW2 or SW7).  This line branched southwest
> from Columbia City Indiana (Vandale on some maps and timetables) to
> Mexico Indiana.  It was serviced on an as-needed basis by FW13 & FW14
> originating at Columbia City.  The line was the remanant of the
> Pennsyvania RR Butler Branch which ran from Logansport, Indiana to
> Butler. It was later known as the Logansport Branch until PC abandoned
> the Logansport to Mexico section in 1968.  Pictures or descriptions of
> paint schemes would be helpful in a modeling project.
> Regards,
> Toby Rife

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