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PC: Columbia City Secondary

Hi everyone,

I received the following question at the PCRRHS mailbox, and I can't 
find anything on this line. Might anyone from Lines West territory have 
any answers on this one? Thanks.

I am looking for information on the locomotive(s) assigned to work the
Columbia City Secondary during 1974.  As memory serves me, it was a
Twin-stacked EMD switcher (NW2 or SW7).  This line branched southwest 
from Columbia City Indiana (Vandale on some maps and timetables) to 
Mexico Indiana.  It was serviced on an as-needed basis by FW13 & FW14 
originating at Columbia City.  The line was the remanant of the 
Pennsyvania RR Butler Branch which ran from Logansport, Indiana to 
Butler. It was later known as the Logansport Branch until PC abandoned 
the Logansport to Mexico section in 1968.  Pictures or descriptions of 
paint schemes would be helpful in a modeling project.

Toby Rife

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