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PC: FW: Re: (erielack) EL around Youngstown

Since Dave mentioned "Trackside Around Youngstown," here's a post off the
EL list, by one of the authors.
Philip Martin

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> Subject: Re: (erielack) EL around Youngstown
> The Youngstown area was a maze of railroads when I started with EL in 
> The major player in the valley was the EL, with the P&LE  following.  The
> had five crews per day in YS&T--Brier Hill Works  working as captive
> along with the YS&T narrow and standard gauge  operations.  At YS&T
> Works, the P&LE had the captive crews  and Campbell also had their own
> and narrow gauge railroads.   Republic Steel at Youngstown and USS at
> both also had narrow and  standard gauge railroad operations as well as 
> Carbon Limestone.    There were well over 100 industrial locomotives in
the greater 
> Youngstown area,  in addition to the railroad operations.  NYC, B&O and
> were players  to a smaller extent in the valley.
> The EL had a division office (Mahoning Div) in Youngstown and at one
> until the early 1960's had the Western District Office there also.  Brier
> had the major shop, yard, and support facilities.  Other yards in the 
> were Leavittsburg, Niles, NK (Youngstown), Ferrona (Sharon, PA) and other

> small outposts.  I seem to recall about 25 yard crews per day in
Youngstown  on 
> EL, including the depot job that worked the passenger trains.  Ferrona 
Yard had 
> about 10 or 11 yard jobs per day.  In addition, there were locals  to
> Hubbard, New Castle, Lisbon and other locations.  Hot Metal  trains ran
> four hours from Youngstown to Warren, two or three  times a day
Youngstown to 
> Sharpsville and at least once a trick between  Youngstown and Hubbard.
> The "freight cutoff" ran from Pymatuning to SN Jct, about 29 miles, was a

> roller coaster of a route with short grades that reached  1.25%.  Single
> TCS with a siding at Pymatuning (135 c/l),  Johnsons (166 c/l) and at 
> Leavittsburg (130 cars, un-signaled, spring switch at  east end).  The
line saw about 
> 15-20 through freights per day and  afternoons, the line was quite
> with the last of the 100's, all of the  98's and all of the 99's.  Some
of these 
> trains occasionally went 1st Sub  Division (through Youngstown) due to 
> opposing traffic.  If a train was  going to be delayed for more than 30
minutes, it 
> would operate via Youngstown  (if there was a clear alley).  The train
> loose 30 minutes westbound  and 40 minutes eastbound operating via
> Shameless plug:  Morning Sun Books to release Trackside Around 
> with Dave McKay by SMT in May.  230 color photos of railroads in  the
> area, 25% of the photos are Erie and EL.
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