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Re: PC: New Book Feat. PC,P&LE also B&O, EL, CR.

zootowerprr -AT- webtv.net wrote:

>      Just wanted to pass on some info about a new all color book called
> "Trackside around Youngstown, 1962-1982" It will be available on May 1.
> The Penn Central (along with the P&LE) was a major player in this part
> of Ohio. There were quite a few steel mills in the Youngstown area. I
> figured you guys from the "Buckeye" Region would want a copy.

Someone told me about this book a couple weeks ago, but it wasn't on the 
Morning Sun web site yet. It is now:


This will be another book of Dave McKay pictures. For those of you who 
have his Trackside Around Cleveland book or have seen his pictures in 
other books, you know he shot a lot of crankers in his day, so this 
should be a great book!

I just drove through Youngstown yesterday, and I'm still amazed each 
time I'm around there how much stuff is gone...the mills, Gateway Yard, 


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