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Re: PC: New Bowser F units in PC....but...?

Comments on the recent Athearn three bay's lettering quality?

On Feb 22, 2007, at 8:27 PM, heavyelectric -AT- netscape.net wrote:

> Some manufactures' deserve credit for improving their products while 
> others are still hit or miss.  The Atlas U33C is of a previous 
> generation as it also has the thicker handrails of older units.  It is 
> ancient history relative to the new products that have come out.  They 
> have not made that mistake again as shown by the painting on the GP40, 
> GP38, U23B, green cylindrical hopper, PS-2 2-Bay, NE-6, upgraded 
> C-425, upgraded RS-11, upgraded RSD, and the grey cylindrical released 
> just a few weeks ago.
> Walthers has been great starting with the B60b, as the first passenger 
> cars were a little off the mark.  With P2K absorbed by Walthers, I 
> expect their paint accuracy issues to be a thing of the past.  Others 
> also put out good paint, though maybe not consistently.
> Various individuals and the PCRRHS have done a lot to help get PC 
> painting correct, but there is still a lot more work to be done.
> Jim Homoki 
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> Atlas did a lousy job on the PC U33c units as well. Stewart did a 
> lousy job on their reissued PC U25Bs...the lettering is too big as 
> well as the logo, and the road number style isn't proper at all. 
>  I too marvel at how much research these companies put into doing a 
> perfect multi - color BNSF scheme, yet something simple like PC or 
> even the later NYC cigar - band era stuff they botch it totally. 
>  Another example of a lousy PC paint job is any of the Bowser PC 
> cabooses. The lettering is either too small, mis-shapen, misplaced or 
> they chose one oddball, non - standard scheme to mass produce. 
>  Atlas' PC NE-6 caboose schem is right on the money, as is the 
> Walthers N-12 bay window. Atlas GP40 and U23B units were rendered 
> quite nicely as concerns PC. 
>  Stewart did an original run of the U25Bs and the lettering on these 
> (PRR, PC and NYC) was done closer to correct than the newest 
> offerings. Must be the Chinese influence. 
>  I also wish Stewart (Bowser) would correct the improperly located 
> class lights on the nose and end of these U25B models. The real ones 
> were located on the corner of both ends, instead of forward - facing 
> as the model was done. Additionally, I wish they would correct the 
> handrails for the later versions, as they were mounted on the outside 
> of the sideframe sills, instead of on top of the walkways as was 
> correct for the earlier U25B. 
>  Go figure! 
>  Jim Kosty 
>  Corning NY 
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