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RE: PC: La Grange Plant GP-40 Orange C Engines

The orange "C" GP40s featured very orange, almost "creamsicle" colored 
orange in the logo.  The Microscale Penn Central diesel set (for the 
modelers) is a dead - on color match.  The red "P" logo was a pastel red 
color, which faded quite quickly, as do any red - based colors when exposed 
to sunlight for a period of time.  The red was not true "RED" as the 
Microscale decal set features, but this pinkish, pastel color.

I remember my first sighting of the orange C GP40s ... I was 13 years old 
and in my barbershop...he had a glass window which overlooked the PC Lyons 
NY to Newberry, PA Line in Corning NY.  A southbound freight happened to 
venture past, and the second or third unit was a brand - new orange "C" 

I sure wish PC had kept these colored logos...it added a lot to the 
otherwise plain paint scheme, in my opinion.  It was always a treat to catch 
one of the units with the colored logos.  Oddly, it seemed there were quite 
a few out there painted with the red "P" logo, especially F units and GP35, 
and GP30 units.  Add this to the various striped and non - striped early PC 
caboose schemes, and it was a very colorful time for a railfan.  Even better 
was sitting in town where the Erie Lackawanna east - west mainline crossed 
over the north - south PC branch - between the two railroads there was a lot 
of traffic and variety.  Even though the EL trains outnumbered the PC trains 
by about 4 to 1, I was always a NYC fan, and by default favored PC over the 
EL...go figure!

Jim Kosty
Corning NY

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