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Re: PC: Re: La Grange Plant GP-40 Orange C Engines

Hello Gene,

Actually, several ORANGE PRR cabooses made it into the PC era. The  
Central conductors always complained about the Pennsy cabin cars.  
They felt the Pennsy took the "so called" superior NYC cabooses and  
sent us their "so called" inferior Pennsy cabin cars. One of the big  
things the NYC conductors complained about and I agree were the  
Pennsy's smaller steps. The Pennsy cabin cars had much smaller  
outside boarding steps which made it very difficult to board a moving  

Concerning the ORANGE C possibly being from the Pennsy's Orange cabin  
cars, first time I ever heard that one. Being I was working on the  
NYC/NH side, this was the explanation I got. Perhaps someone working  
on the PRR side got the Orange cabin car theory as an explanation!

Another thing I heard about with the ORANGE C theory was because the  
Metroliner Trains. The color Orange was used on items such as food  
service carrying trains and their wall menus. Who knows for certain  
but I doubt this one?


On Feb 19, 2007, at 9:56 AM, nh370 -AT- comcast.net wrote:

> I will not take issue with anything Chuck had to say about *why*  
> the orange
> C was used, but I would like to provide some enlightenment:
>>> After all, the PRR nor the NYC used the color Orange that I'm
>>> aware of, but the New Haven used it extensively!
> The Pennsy did have "Focal Orange" cabin cars.  I have never seen a  
> side
> by side comparison between the PRR orange and the orange used by the
> NH on some of it's cars.
> Judging from the vintage of the automobile in the background of  
> this image:
> http://www.rr-fallenflags.org/prr/prr477901.jpg
> I would guess a few orange PRR cabin cars made it to the PC era.
> Gene


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