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Re: PC: Re: La Grange Plant GP-40 Orange C Engines

Based on slides that I have seen of the Focal Orange PRR cabins and the NH
equipment painted Orange, I would have to say that Focal Orange was more of
a deep orange where as the NH's orange was more of a red orange. I'm
talking about fresh paint only, not weathered paint 5 to 10 years old.

Since the "Focal orange" PRR cabin scheme was the last cabin car paint
scheme before the merger, it's probably safe to say that all of the "Focal
Orange" painted PRR cabins made it into PC.

The first time I heard Chuck explain about the reasoning behind the Orange
"C" logos, it made perfect sense. It was logical, from a PC employee who
lived it and worked near the NH areas, and not speculation. The orange as a
nod to the NYC employees just never made any sense to me. The red "P" era
ended in June 1968. It made no sense to try and honor the NYC men with
orange (remember Green team) over four months later. What I also found
interesting was the fact that not one NYC shop produced any rolling stock
or locomotives with a red "P" during the time it was being applied in May
and June 1968.

One last comment. I find it kind of humorous that some people today still
refer to the GP40's as having red "C" logos instead of orange "C's". With
the amount of color photographs out on the internet today, not to mention
PC Power's color view, it's hard to mistake red for orange.

Mark Branibar

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I will not take issue with anything Chuck had to say about *why* the orange

C was used, but I would like to provide some enlightenment:

> > After all, the PRR nor the NYC used the color Orange that I'm
> > aware of, but the New Haven used it extensively!

The Pennsy did have "Focal Orange" cabin cars.  I have never seen a side
by side comparison between the PRR orange and the orange used by the
NH on some of it's cars.

Judging from the vintage of the automobile in the background of this image:


I would guess a few orange PRR cabin cars made it to the PC era.


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