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RE: PC: Penn Central GP40/La Grange Photo Link

  Nice picture.  However, those units with the different color hearald that 
start 3 units back are the rare "white P - orange C" GP-40's.  These were 
painted as an optional scheme as a nod to the ex-NYC, counteracting the "red 
P - white C".  That first orange C unit is 3070... the very first unit 
painted in this scheme.   That and the next 16 GP-40's in the line will be 
the only GP-40's painted in this rare scheme (along with one ex-NH RS-3).  
The photo was taken in late '68... likely October (build date of 10/68 on 
unit 3070).

-Gregg B.

>From: "Gary L" <h18w777 -AT- charter.net>
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>Subject: PC: Penn Central GP40/La Grange Photo Link
>Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2007 05:43:12 -0500
>Here is a link to a very nice EMD photo at La Grange of new GP40's about to 
>leave the plant.  Members of the PCModeler Yahoo list have already seen 
>this link.
>Note a couple of interesting points.  First there are what appear to be 
>traded in Southern Ry E7's back in the yard.  Second, the PC scheme changes 
>from all white to "red C" three units back in the line.
>So very much has changed since this most interesting photo was taken.

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