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Re: PC: New Bowser F units in PC....but...?

On Sat, 3 Feb 2007 19:52:39 -0500 zootowerprr -AT- webtv.net writes:
> Here we go again......
>       It was "ALCo". 
Do you have a factual basis for that statement? I'm not referring to
usage by magazines, railfans and modelers, but to anything produced by
the American Locomotive Company. If we go by fan usage, I guess it would
be just as correct to refer to the locomotive company as Alcoa (as in
Aluminum Company of America) because I know someone who pronounces Alco
in this manner.

I have never been able to find anything from the American Locomotive
Company with Alco typed as "ALCo", nor have I seen anyone produce any
material with this. In builder's plates, advertising, manuals, paperwork,
etc. all I've ever seen was either Alco, or ALCO in the last few years.
In some of the stylized script they used as a logo the "o" appears small,
but "l" and "c" are also lowercase.
I would be interested in seeing anything from Alco that actually has
"ALCo" on it. The closest anyone has ever come to this was some
typewritten correspondence with A. L. Co., but this was from before the
company adopted the contraction Alco as a name, it it's still not "ALCo".
With the widespread availability of Photo Shop, though, maybe someone can
come up with some evidence to support "ALCo".
Maybe we'll start seeing EMd, Ge and BALDWIn in ads before long...
Bryan Turner
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