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Re: PC: Penn Central Power

John and listers

I saw this in September 2006 and of course immediately signed up for
three copies since the other listings on Amazon's very own web site on
the very same page had them going for $150-$250 each.  Naturally, I was
deeply suspicious about getting a "new" copy for the cover price more
than 15 years after they went out of print, but what the heck.

I probably don't need to tell you that I have not received one copy much
less three (I have not been billed either per Amazon policy, so I am not
out money).  On five different occasions, Amazon notified me that there
would be a "delay" in shipping my books and if that was not acceptable,
I could cancel my order.  If I took no action, they would cancel on my
behalf.  Naturally, I renewed every time.  I am *not* going to let them
off the hook on this one and will continue to renew my order until they
admit their mistake or they deliver the book(s) at the agreed upon price
(very unlikely).

The bottom line is someone screwed up in September.  I am stunned that
the incorrect listing is still posted in January.  

Bob Holzweiss

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