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Re: PC: What's the "A" for?

Hi Jerry,

The "A" in a yellow circle that you are referring to was a New York Central
designation for boxcars that were in "Appliance Service", those that were
in the pool for carrying washers, dryers, etc. Many of the NYC stretched
50ft. boxcars in the class 968-B group were done so for this service.  The
car you referenced, although stretched during PC times, was a class 968-B
car done at Beech Grove (ex-NYC shop) right after the merger, hence the
application of the "A".  PC, of course, later dropped this designation,
being mostly controlled by PRR men. The class X64 and X64A 60ft. boxcar
classes built in 12/1968 - 3/1969 and 1970 by Sam Rea shops were for
appliance service but carried no "A" designation.

Mark Branibar

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Hi everyone,

A friend of mine was asking me about a marking on a Third Rail Graphics
boxcar he bought. On the left side of the car below the "Penn Central"
and above the reporting marks is a yellow circle with an "A" in it, like
on this car:


Anyone know what that marking was for?


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