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Re: PC: Need Trains Mag Date For Article on Rush Loving's Book

On Sat, 30 Dec 2006, Charles J.French Jr. wrote:

> Hello Everyone,
> Unfortunately, I accidently gave away my copy of the Train's magazine  
> with the article on Rush Loving's book, "The Men Who Loved Trains". I  
> believe the article was in one of the late spring or mid summer issues.
> If anyone could please, let me know the issue the article was in so I  
> can find another copy.
> Thanks and Happy New Year,
> Chuck
> PennCentral -AT- Taconic.Net


TRAINS had an article about the CR split by Rush named "The Prize" in the July
2006 issue. It was adapted from "The Men Who Loved Trains."  I don't subscribe
to TRAINS and don't buy it very often so I don't know if he did any other
articles. Both the article and the book were great.

Happy New Year to all the PC fans on this list,


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