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Re: PC: Renewals

Well, dumb question follows:

I just joined earlier this year.  How does one renew?  Wait for the 
last issue?  Or for a renewal notice?  Or....?

On Dec 29, 2006, at 4:52 PM, heavyelectric -AT- netscape.net wrote:

> The last issue of 2006 is still being finalized, so you did not miss 
> any renewal infomation.
> Alternative methods of payment i.e. Paypal is something that can be 
> looked into as the Society (well, Jerry actually) investigates a 
> format for an internet based store.  No timetable for this right now.
> Jim Homoki 
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> Was there a paper that I missed in the last issue of the POST for 2007 
> renewals?
> Pat McKinney
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