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Re: PC: NYC (TOC) Lot 942H 2-bay Hoppers

In a message dated 12/19/2006 6:32:24 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, zootowerprr -AT- webtv.net writes:
Were these cars ever used for anything else besides coal service.
On the "PRR Ohio LInes" video there is a scene that shows an entire
train of these types of hoppers. The train had four six axels up front
and two more cut in mid train. So I'm thinking possibly an ore train?
Good timing!  Today I received the book "A Penn Central Sampling" and it should these 942H 2-bay hoppers being loaded with limestone.  The loading was taking place near Bucyrus, OH and was being taken to the Weirton area steel mills.  Don't know if it moved as an entire train as the photo only shows a little critter diesel pulling two cars.
BTW this is a great book that really shows what the Penn Central was like including track details, track layout, towers, and typical freight consists.
-Tom H

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