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PC: PC Railroadiana for sale part 1

Hi guys,

Here's the latest list of PC surplus items I've put together. This is a long
one! It may be easier to print it first before reading it. Hope there's
something interesting for your collection! As usual, prices do not include


1. sold

2. sold

3. PC "Pinochle" playing cards. Single deck of black cards with white /
orange PC logo & PENN CENTRAL in white. Green felt box with white PC name &
logo embossed on the lid. MINT condition- still in cellophane. I was told
that PC adopted this color scheme for these cards to celebrate the start of
Metroliner service? Not able to confirm that as fact, but it sounds
plausible. Have 2- $28 each.

4. PC "Pinochle" playing cards. Single deck of white cards with green PC
name, logo & border. Green felt box with white PC name & logo. Mint
condition- still wrapped in cellophane. $20

5. PRR "Pinochle" Playing cards. Single deck of RED cards with red & gold
PRR keystone in the middle. Red felt box lid with the PRR keystone & the
wording "PENNSYLVANIA: RAILROAD: Pinochle" in gold. Still in the original
cellophane wrap. MINT condition. Have 2- $28 each.

6. PRR "Pinochle" Playing cards. Single deck of WHITE cards with red & gold
PRR keystone in the middle. Red felt box lid with the PRR keystone & the
wording "PENNSYLVANIA: RAILROAD: Pinochle" in gold. Still in the original
cellophane wrap. MINT condition Have 2- $28 each

7. One each of the four different decks of cards listed above (2PRR, 2 PC)

8. PRR "Pinochle" Playing cards. Single deck of WHITE cards with red & gold
PRR keystone in the middle. Red felt box lid with the PRR keystone & the
wording "PENNSYLVANIA: RAILROAD: Pinochle" in gold. Deck is still in the
original cellophane wrap inside, but the outer felt box lost it's cellophane
wrapping. Near mint. $20

9. PC "Smoking Permitted/ No Smoking" sign. 10x12 inch white mylar with red
"No Somking PC (logo) Penn Central" on one side & opposite wording in green
on reverse. Gold colored border all the way around. "M.P. 50" designation on
the lower right hand corner. Good condition overall but looks like they were
stored a little roughly. Various scrapes, a little dirty, a minor cut in the
mylar here or there. Overall a nice display piece. $10

10. PC Embroidered hand towel. Made by MARTEX, these towels are one of the
very few first-class things ever put out by the RR. White towel with the PC
name & logo embroidered in contrasting light & medium green along the bottom
edge. I don't know where these were stored all these years, but they are
ABSOLUTELY MINT. I'm talking CRISP and BRIGHT WHITE! If you've ever wanted
one of these, you couldn't find a better one. Have 2 in this condition. $20

11. Same towel as above, but this one would have to be called "mint"
condition. It's just as perfectly clean as #8, but just not as "crisp". $16

12. PC hand towel. Medium-sized white towel with large black (gray) stamped
PC name & logo. Marking is faint on the wording "Penn Central", but the logo
is very legible (very common for these towels). Excellent condition- just 3
pencil point-sized stains near one edge. $12

13. PC Menu: PC-9 dated 4-71 (just one month before Amtrak!). Doubled-sided
card. Sandwiches & snacks on the white front (with PC name & logo at the
bottom), plus on the yellow back side a beverage menu with PENN CENTRAL at
the bottom. Excellent condition. $5

14. Railroad Police Double-Feature DVD! (The Railroad Special Agent & The
Great Train Robbery).

Two (approx.) 15 minute movies on one DVD. The first is from the late 1940s
and shows railroad police (called Special Agents or Cinder Dicks in the
movie). PRR police are shown, as well as police from other railroads. Very
interesting black & white footage, showing both steam & diesel, as well as
stations, etc. The 1940s language is particularly interesting The second
movie is in color and was done in 1971 by Penn Central police, using hidden
cameras. It documents the problem of freight car looting in the New York
City area, showing many instances of breaking into cars & stealing content,
as well as arrests being made. Clips from this movie can be seen in the Feb.
1972 PC POST employee magazine. This is an eye-opening look at PC that I
guarantee you haven't seen before! This DVD was transferred from a BETA
videotape, which itself was made from16mm tapes. As a result, picture
quality of the video is fair (grainy), due to the loss in picture each time
it was transferred. But the audio is fine & the content is dynamite! $15

15. Penn Central Safety Training movies (on DVD or VHS). Three short 16mm
movies (about 10-12 minutes each), were produced in (guessing) 1969 by PC. I
had them professionally transferred to DVD. First is titled "Walking or
Standing on Track"; second is: "Operating Hand Switches" and third "Getting
On and Off Equipment". Various "old technology" is shown, such as: hand
signals (no radios), footboards on locomotives, high ladders on cars,
journal boxes, etc. Locomotives shown are GG1s, ALCOs, EMD GP40s, etc. Many
NEAT scenes with music and narration. Film was shot entirely in electrified
territory. It also includes 2 short PSAs from the Green Cross. Condition is
reasonably good- there are scratches in the film and some loss of color
(most of it has a reddish tint to it). But overall, it's a real treat and a
pleasure to watch. About 35 minutes total. I only have a few of these left!
If you've been waiting to get one, now is the time. Your choice of DVD or
VHS- $20.

16. PC Army/Navy football 1970 broadside. 6X12 inch paper advertisement
showing a goat & donkey (mascots) at the top with much wording in blue &
red, complete with train schedule. Has large PC name & logo at the bottom.
Top hole where it hung off the hook is torn out, plus has several fold
marks. Overall very nice condition. $10

17. "CALL US PENN CENTRAL" tab-back pin. Small white metal lapel "tab" pin,
given out right after the merger for employees to wear. Has red & black PC
logo in the center with "Call us" in red around the top & "Penn Central" in
black around the bottom. Very good condition except for minor scratches. $5.

18. PC NEW ENGLAND rectangular cloth patch: "SAFETY & SERVICE" (green) over
PC logo (black "P" red "C") over NEW ENGLAND (green) over PENN CENTRAL
(black) all embroidered on a white patch with a green border. Excellent
condition. $10

19. PC black & white patch: This is a very nice looking black patch with
white PC name & logo, as well as border embroidered in white. Mint
condition. This is an after-market item (not authentic PC). $2.50

20. PRR patch- not sure if this is original PRR or an early after-market
patch, but it's a small red keystone with white embroidered PRR logo &
border. Very nice condition. $3.50

21. PC UNIPECO Fine-Riter pen. UNIPECO made this black plastic (lower half)
and gold metal (upper half) pen in the USA. The PC logo is embossed in gold
against the black background. A very well-made retractable ball-point pen
for it's day. MINT condition. $6

22. PC passenger service employee lapel pins:

Cast in the shape of a PC logo with a bronze finish, these are one of the
nicest-looking PC items ever produced (in my humble opinion). Excellent
condition. $10 a pair.

23. PC 2.25 inch pinback. Nice light green pin with PC logo in white in MINT
condition. Not sure of the origin of this one- could be original PC issue or
could be after-market (I've had it for a LONG time, so would be early
after-market if not original) $4

24. PRR stick-on name tags & small decals. Name tag is in the shape of a PRR
keystone with a wide bar through the middle (shaped like a station sign).
Back peels off, exposing adhesive. Also, a small PRR moisten-adhesive
sticker. You will get one name tag & 2 of the small ones- $2 for 3 pieces.

25. sold

I have found the company phone directories very helpful in doing research.
All phone books are $6 each.

26. PC 1969 Central Region phone directory Light soiling, excellent
otherwise. System map on the back cover.

27. PC 1969 Lake Region phone directory Light soiling, excellent otherwise.
System map on the back cover.

28. sold

29. sold

30. PC 1974 system-wide (covers all regions) phone directory. Light soiling,
very good otherwise. System map inside the back cover.

PC EMPLOYEE TIMETABLES All in new / almost new condition unless noted. $5

31. Eastern Region #1 4/28/68

32. SOLD

33. SOLD

34. SOLD

35. New York Region #3 4/27/69

36. New Haven Region #3 4/26/70

37. Metropolitan Region #3 1/10/72 some loss of color on cover due to

38. Southern Region #5 11/14/71

39. Central Region #4 5/1/70 with most/all General Orders. Good used

40. Northeastern Region #7 Has Conrail title page marked 4/1/76 on it, plus
a PC title page behind it (5/19/74).

41. PC Rules for Conducting Transportation. 146 pages- signals, train info,
etc. Excellent book in excellent condition. $4

42. PC CT405 Special Operations Governing Operation of Signals and
Interlockings. Meant for levermen, tower operators, etc. One of the few
rulebooks meant specifically for the towers. 15 pages. Very good condition.

43. PC Brake and Train Air Signal Instructions (EC-99). March 1969. Green
cover- mint condition. $3

44. PC Safety Rules- Maintenance of Equipment Employes. (Book S7-D, dated
7/68) Neon green cover. Cover is soiled, book is unused otherwise. $2.50

45. PC Safety Rules- Maintenance of Equipment Employes. (Book S7-D, dated
1/69) Neon green cover. Black reinforcing tape is missing off binding
(binding is good though), book is unused otherwise. $2.50


47. sold

48. sold

49. PC Hazardous Materials Regulations (general notice 225). Red hardcover
with black lettering. Screw-post binding. Dated 1/14/75. Have several- $5

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