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Re: PC: Microfilmed Historical PRR/NYC Maps

Although I have never viewed the microfilm maps, I have seen a few maps (and some random photos) while conducting textual research.  The paper maps were quite good so I will assume the microfilm maps are also worth a look. 
The scope of the holdings is truly enormous and as far as I am concerned constitutes the #1 place to research the corporate files of PRR and PC.  There are of course other places with PRR and PC stuff but the volume of holdings pales in comparison.  There is also a surprising amount of NH and NYC stuff in there especially for the 1960s.  They just opened a lot of Lehigh Valley stuff too.
One odd thing about the archives is that you cannot research textual materials on Saturdays but you can view the microfilm.
Bob Holzweiss

>>> otay90 -AT- netscape.net 12/2/2006 11:07 AM >>>
Has anyone ever checked out these microfilmed PRR maps (atlases) from
the Penn Central archives at the PA Historical and Museum Commission? 
These have probably been discussed on the PRR forums, but I'm in L.A.
and won't be getting to seee them anytime soon.

They seem pretty detailed and interesting from the descriptions.



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