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Re: PC: Former G39 ore jennies still operating?

 A few ride through Austin on the Union every so often that look a lot like these. Their FXE marks mean Ferromex, so that goes some way toward explaining their oddball-ness. The thing is, we don't have a mill, and any aggregate rides out on either Georgetown Rail's own cars, Union Pacific, Austin Area Terminal, or rentals.
 Maybe they're aggregate cars. That's the best I can think of.

KENNETH MC CORRY <keystonefarm -AT- verizon.net> wrote:
Definitely ex SP cars. Wonder what they are using them for ?  Too small for trash or scrap. ------------   Ken McCorry

Lon Godshall <lon10@ptdprolog.net> wrote:
The pic is below.
Series is GVSR 90000-90315 and they are not the G39's, the cu ft is
1600+ and the G39's had 1300+. The length is 2 foot longer on the GVSR
cars also.



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